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Has the thought of living in Geitawi ever crossed your mind? Maybe it should…

Geitawi is a bit like a quaint little village inside Beirut. On paper it sounds great: there’s a central park, parallel, one-way streets, and patches of greenery. It’s also peaceful and quiet and boasts the occasional charming period building. And yet, it doesn’t have a very good image. It is true that most of the buildings date back several decades but lack the charm of old period buildings. They were never meant as luxury projects and they now show their age. To say the least, it could be said that the neighborhood has not aged gracefully…

But Geitawi has caught the eye of new developers, who are tearing down old, shabby buildings to replace them with brand new, good quality buildings. The streets surrounding the public garden are particularly appreciated. What’s great about these new developments is that unlike most other parts of Beirut, apartments can enjoy pleasant views over a green area and not have buildings immediately across the street from them.

Geitawi is also still one of the most reasonably priced neighborhoods of Ashrafieh. Prices of new apartments vary between USD 2,700 and USD 3,300 per SQM on the first floor. Apartment sizes are relatively small – anywhere from 60 SQM (one bedroom) to 150 SQM – so that overall budgets can be as low as USD 200,000 or USD 300,000. Not many places in Beirut where you can find that anymore!

The bottom line is: Geitawi is a neighborhood in full rejuvenation. New projects (no fewer than 10 projects are currently under way) are sprouting here and there and the area is getting a very refreshing face lift. It’s definitely one to watch for the future.

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