Beirut Central District Special

Rare Gems

The Beirut Central District (BCD) has defined itself from the earliest days of its reconstruction as the leading prime real estate address of the capital. Its developments follow the highest international design and construction standards, its buildings adhere to the strictest norms, and it has the most perfected Master Urban Plan of any other neighborhood in Beirut. BCD is the country’s real estate trend setter and currently claims the country’s records in height, in luxury, in services, in amenities, in design, and in urban planning. BCD also offers some of the country’s most unique and most prestigious architectural gems: mega, ultra-modern apartments and exquisite private palaces and villas.

Duplexes, Triplexes & Penthouses…

BCD counts about a dozen residential units larger than 1,000 SQM. The largest is roughly 3,000 SQM! These are rare products even in this most prime of luxurious residential neighborhoods of Beirut. A few residential projects offer such large homes as simplexes taking up the whole building footprint. One unit measuring 1,900 SQM, for instance, occupies the entire floor of a tower. In a city where apartment sizes are shrinking year on year, owning such a large apartment in the most prime neighborhood of Beirut, within an impeccably laid out urban setting, in the only region of the capital that has a modern Master Plan, is indeed a luxury. Large apartments represent less than 5% of the total residential stock of BCD and their scarcity makes them very highly prized by members of the restricted club of the local moneyed elite. Many of these large apartments are duplexes or triplexes, very often reserved for the topmost floors of the impressive towers of BCD. Some buildings offer stunning penthouses, with swimming pools, huge terraces, and breathtaking views of BCD, the Mediterranean, and the mountains beyond – over and above the top-of-the-line amenities and finishing. Owning such a rare type of product in BCD comes at a starting price of around USD 10,000 per SQM (core & shell).

Private Villas & Palaces

Most luxurious of all real estate luxuries in Beirut are the private villas and palaces of BCD. Already a very rare product in Municipal Beirut and a source of pride to its owners in the Greater Beirut area, stand-alone villas surrounded by a garden are the rarest gems of all. Their advantages are innumerable: They are in very limited supply, making them extremely exclusive; they are located in the most prestigious urban environment in Beirut; they are close to the capital’s leading business, shopping, and leisure centers; and they are often associated with a long history and exquisite architecture. There are no more than 15 private villas and palaces across BCD, located for the most part in the area of Wadi Abou Jmil. They belong to the local social elite. It is such a privilege to own a private property in the heart of Beirut that putting a value on these properties is a near impossibility. Their value depends on a large number of criteria, such as the villa’s age, the level of privacy it offers, its state of maintenance, its historical relevance, etc…. Values also depend on the amenities they offer, such as the size of the garden and how sheltered it is from public gaze, particularly the surrounding high-rises. Officially, none of these properties are for sale. However, unofficially, they are all potentially on the market – at a minimum price tag of USD 50 million or anywhere between USD 15,000 and USD 20,000 per SQM.

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