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Dear reader, welcome to Lebanon’s first and only dedicated real estate blog. The aim with this blog is to keep you informed about what’s really happening in the Lebanese real estate sector. It is a subject mired in speculation and hearsay, and our role is to inform and analyze. What makes us different? We have a dedicated in house team of researchers that conduct regular analysis of every facet of the market and we aim to give out as much information as we can for free, most notably with our Quarterly. This means that we can back up what we say with statistics. We believe it is our duty as professionals  to let people know what is really going on within our industry. We’d also like to get you, the people, involved. Questions and comments are always encouraged and welcome.  Our aim is to start a conversation, and with that in mind, we’re very much looking forward to it.

Within these pages you will find articles, press releases, opinion pieces and extracts from our Quarterly. We hope you enjoy them.

Happy reading! Nadim Makarem

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