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Real estate valuation and appraisal in Lebanon

RAMCO provides expert property valuation services tailored to the Lebanese market. If you own an apartment, office or shop in Beirut, or land anywhere in Lebanon, RAMCO, through a unique in house expertise and long list of partners and collaborators, can provide you with accurate valuations for any property.

Whether for individual properties or large-scale real estate projects, RAMCO will provide you with a tailored solution that assesses the accurate value of your property.
Thanks to our unique in-house expertise and our long list of partners and collaborators, RAMCO can provide you with answers to all your real estate valuation queries.
We provide expert and comprehensive advice on the fair value, potential land use, legal framework, and risks and opportunities for land acquisition or disposal.

Our Credentials

RAMCO is a leading valuer accredited by the Central Bank of Lebanon. Many financial institutions, including the Central Bank of Lebanon, feature amongst our clients. Local and international institutions as well as families and high net worth individuals with property portfolios have developed longstanding relationships and repeat business practices with our valuations team.

Our Methodology

At RAMCO we use a combination of methodologies best suited to the property in question, depending on its potential use and location.
One of the methodologies we employ is the comparative methodology, which is based on a study of similar properties in the surrounding neighborhoods.
We also employ the residual methodology, which bases the fair market value of a property on the value that remains after all expenses are deducted from the net total achievable proceeds obtained from the sale of the optimal project that can potentially be developed on the plot of land.
In order to attain the most accurate value of your property, we will use a combination of these two methodologies and we will draw from the extensive data that we collect on a daily basis.

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Gefinor, Block D,
Clemenceau, Beirut,
Tel: +9611 34 99 10
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