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RAMCO is the most credible name for formulating reliable real estate market reports in Lebanon. We aim to provide better understanding of the market by providing quarterly reports and analysis as well as bespoke reports prepared by our team of professionals.

As reputable industry leaders and experts, we, at RAMCO, base each and every decision of ours on current data and in-depth understanding of the market. We create up-to-date real estate market reports and maintain a keen insight on the shifts and movements in the market. Our real estate reports help us support your decisions with actual facts and figures.   

RAMCO's Quarterly

RAMCO's Quarterly, offers information and insight into the Lebanese real estate market. It's free to download, and let's you easily stay up to date with the latest information about the real estate market in Lebanon and Beirut in particular.
We cover different topics each issue, including prices and availability of apartments, offices, lands and retail.
Just click on the latest issue on the right or browse through past issues below.
Subscribing is easy, simply provide us with your email address at the top of the page and we will send you a link to the latest issue every three months, so you don't miss a thing.

Bespoke Reports

We also offer bespoke reports, from supply and demand analysis, to best land use studies. If you're interested in a report that's tailor made for you, please contact us directly. You can find more information on this service in our advisory and research page.

Beirut Office Digest

The Beirut Office Digest is the first of a series of reports which we are offering to clients at a fraction of the price of our bespoke reports. Our first publication, covers the office market of Municipal Beirut. This comes as a response to the heightened interest this particular sector is currently attracting from both developers and investors in real estate.
It covers the following:
• Supply
• Demand
• Vacancy Levels
• Pricing (Sales and Rental Values)
• Pricing Evolution
• Yields
You can view a full table of contents by clicking here. If you are interested in learning more about this, or purchasing your copy, please call us directly on +961 349 910 and ask to speak to Soha Yammine.

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